"On that day, mankind received a grim reminder" 14. I really like this guy, but i know he won't ever like me..... • Ask me anything you want :)
Boys are fickle creatures, aren't they?


like the state
make me famous
Strawberry Zachary

Vatican Cameos
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Wow you're pretty. Please enjoy your stay.
اغفر خطاياي
Unsteady Mind
nobody is wired wrong.

Dreams of a Hopeless Romantic
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i've got you underneath my skin
*gunshot* *gunshot* *cash register noise*
missy elliott eat 1 cracker a day
Why is this tab open?
Waistbands, Undies and Me

You're My Miracle
Matty at it.
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the real slim shady
im gonna piss
Life Hackable
why'd u only tweet me when ur high
Finn Harries
The Final Frontier
Tomorrow is My Birthday
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forever's a long time, dean
im gay
17 and Awkward
Sweet Summer Lovin'
This Guy
Pokemon Splices
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Doodle Of Boredom
tis the season
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